Apple Fritter Cake

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This recipe creates a three layer surprise in this apple fritter cake. A basic cake made with lots of great spices and yogurt and apple sauce for moistness and flavor is loaded with apples cooked in a brown sugar syrup. These two elements cook together to create a moist, chewy, and delicious cake. The apple fritter cake is then topped with a light glaze that just sweetens the deal a bit more and gives a polished finish to the cake.

This is an easy cake that is made entirely from scratch, so you know it will be good. Some great ingredients also ensure that it will be moist and flavorful including yogurt and apple sauce. The spicing for the cake is scented and aromatic and as it cooks in the oven, the family will be drawn in to the kitchen to sample the result. The topping includes chopped apples prepared in a lovely brown sugar syrup that is then poured over the cake to create a sumptuous and moist topping. A simple glaze completes the picture.

This recipe offers a simple cake made in several stages. Each stage is really easy to put together and adds another layer of sophistication to the dish. Your kids can make this cake with just a little help from you or another adult. It has a lightly crunchy and tangy flavor from the apples that are part of the recipe. And do not forget just how good apples are, both in terms of nutrition and taste. They add loads of vitamins and minerals and help slow the absorption of sugar in the dessert. Enjoy this cake sooner rather than later. Enjoy this cake whenever you like.

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