Apple Hand Pies

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Apple pie, it's definitely a fall favourite and a favourite dessert for many people too! Try out some of these awesome looking Apple Hand Pies? I had never heard of an Apple Hand Pie before now, but I had seen some apple cookies made that look a lot like this so maybe they are similar. Apples are in season now too, so this is a perfect recipe to use a lot of your fresh picked or farmer's market apples. Sometimes you can even ask around your neighbourhood and usually someone will have an apple tree with apples they would be willing to share.

This apple pie recipe makes nice lovely little hand pies that are just the size to fit into the palm of your hand, and are just the perfect individually sized pie. Granny Smith apples or something equally as tart are the best apples for a dessert like this, otherwise the hand pies can be a bit too sweet. It's nice to have that tartness of the apple mixed with all of the sweetness of the sugar and the cinnamon. Wouldn't these would be awesome for fall time!? I know I will love to try them!

The author of this recipe, Julie from Lovely Little Kitchen, says that she used to just use the pre made pie crusts that you get in the frozen food section, because she found making pie crusts from scratch frustrating. With this hand pie recipe, she decided to try a new pie crust recipe, and she said it turned out perfectly! Sometimes it can be touch to get your pastry right the first few times, so you just have to be patient with it and with yourself. This apple hand pie recipe is very easy to follow though, so would be a good one to try out. These would be great to bring to a party, or for an after dinner treat! Head over to 'Lovely Little Kitchen' by following the link in the section below for more!

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