Apple Nut Muffins

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The addition of sour cream will make these Apple Nut Muffins very tender and light. And the surprise middle mixture of apples, nuts and spices will add tremendous taste, texture and intrigue to this recipe for Apple Nut Muffins. It is not difficult to make, and will come together easily and well. And, even though it has a fair bit of sugar, the delicious and healthy addition of apples and nuts will make this a favorite with the family. As well, these muffins could be great for breakfast. There is growing research that suggests that eating something sweet in the morning can help stave off cravings for some thing sweet later in the day. This muffin may offer the perfect balance of good nutrition and some thing sweet to start the day.

Apples are such an amazing little fruit. Eaten whole and raw (best for the most health benefit) they are a crunchy, tart and tangy treat that really helps fill you up. When they are baked, they become much sweeter with a tart edge that is delightful. And blended with spices such as cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon or even savory choices such as cumin, or a curry mixture, apples remain fabulous. They are loaded with nutrition, but also taste just plain delicious. They work with many other fruits, and in plenty of great dishes, whether it is a rich dessert or a terrific stir fry.

This recipe also includes nuts, and the recipe creator and web site blogger recommends a blend of pecans and walnuts for these muffins. Walnuts are perhaps the better nut in terms of nutrition; however, since nuts are such a great food any way, the blend is a great idea. You also add loads of magnesium, calcium, fiber, protein and loads of other great components when you add nuts to these muffins. As well, they add great taste and texture. Enjoy these terrific muffins soon.

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