Apple Pocket Pies

Photo Credit: Chin Deep

Seriously, these Apple Pocket Pies look so scrumptious! Don't they?! Well, lucky for us we can make them at home, thanks to this awesome recipe from Chin Deep. Apple pie is probably one of the most loved desserts in America. Apple pie is an easy enough to make dessert, you have to be sure to get the pastry just right though, which can take some practice. But there are plenty of helpful tips on the internet for that! This recipe however is for apple pocket pies which will be like the individual version of an apple pie. One pie crust makes 2 of these pies and they are small enough to be able to hold in your hand to eat!

The way that they are made with the apple mould that they have been formed into, is so cute! It is in the shape of an apple, of course, with a little hole in it so you can see the centre of the apple pie. Very appropriate for Fall time isn't it? This is the time of year as we reach September, that you will see more and more apples becoming ready to pick off of the trees, or some trees might be so heavy with apples that they will just start falling right off!

This apple pocket pie recipe is the perfect way to use up all of those apples that you collect form your own trees, maybe some one you know has a tree you can have some from, or there are U pick options that allow you to pick form their fields. Communities even will share their apples with people that are willing to pick them themselves. So enjoy the apply goodness all Autumn long, with these amazing little apple pocket pies! Try them out soon! Head on over to 'Chin Deep' for more by following the link in the section below! Enjoy!

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