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Who doesn't love good healthy breakfast bars or a healthy homemade granola bars? Thanks to Shannon of Cozy Country Living for her Applesauce Bar recipe that is like eating an apple pie without the amount of time it takes to make a homemade apple pie recipe. They also double as healthy breakfast bars or healthy homemade granola bars. Shannon has taken the best parts of an apple pie and condensed them and the time usually spent baking up those traditional apple pie recipes. For the days when you want the goodness and wholesome taste of a warm apple pie but you don’t have the extra time to make it. Shannon’s applesauce bar recipe takes the crust out of the equation but keeps all the benefits of fresh apples and rolled oats which are part of many Dutch apple pie recipes. Also, did we mention they make excellent healthy breakfast bars?

Apples are a great part of our human history and not only are delicious and nutritious. They make the perfect healthy homemade granola bars. The saying, an apple a day keeps the doctor away, has been around for a long time and whether it is true or not is debatable. They are nutritious and delicious, one brand is actually called delicious, as well as being part of many recipes. The most famous story about this wonderful fruit may be the Sir Isaac Newton story regarding an apple and gravity. Not too many other fruits can say they were part of a scientific discovery that changed the way we look at the universe. It is said that while siting under an apple tree Mr. Newton was struck in the head by a falling apple. Whether this was the actual scenario or he just watched as apples fell from the tree is debatable but the fact that it was an apple that inspired him into doing research about gravity and its effects on us is true. Since that time apples have been used in recipes all around the world and they are not only added to sweet dishes and baked recipes but they also find themselves in savory dishes and are great on their own as well.

Shannon’s recipe can be prepared and baked in about an hour and you can add many different spices than just cinnamon that is usually paired with apples in most baked apple recipes. Whatever spices you would like in your healthy homemade granola bars will work well. Nutmeg is one of the ingredients added to this applesauce bar recipe and along with the cinnamon rolled oats are also added. Oats are a great source of fiber and add the distinctive crunch you get when eating Dutch apple pie. You can substitute or keep the nutmeg and cinnamon and add honey or even ground ginger which will give your recipe an added kick and ginger is excellent for digestive issues and is great in healthy breakfast bars, so adding this won’t hurt the recipe since it is a great substitute for nutmeg.

This healthy breakfast bars recipe is easy to make and doesn’t have you scrambling around for ingredients since many are usual pantry items and the recipe is a great excuse to go apple picking with the family. These healthy breakfast bars freeze well and can be taken out and shared with friends and family and always remember our knowledge of gravity stems from the apple in this applesauce bar recipe. So next time you are looking for healthy homemade granola bars check out this applesauce bar from the Cozy Country Living blog.*

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