Applesauce Bread

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The blend of spices in this recipe will have you baking this Applesauce Bread every week, just to enjoy the smell of cinnamon and allspice baking in the oven. Few things say home and family better than the smells of those rich and heavy spices. Here a few ingredients combine to make this special bread. First, the applesauce ensures that the bread loaf will be heavy, dense, and rich in flavor. As well, the applesauce is not sweetened, cutting down a bit on the sugar in the recipe, which is always good. Then, coconut oil is substituted for other types of fats. Coconut oil is relatively low in saturated fats when compared to butter, although there is some controversy over whether it is really a good fat.

The spices combine allspice, cinnamon and nutmeg, an always special blend that underscores the apple flavor. Oats add both texture and taste as well as a healthy nutritional boost to the bread. You could choose to grind an additional one half cup of oats and substitute that in to the flour for a total of one cup of oats in the recipe. The flavor would still be great and the texture, lovely.

This applesauce bread recipe is topped with walnuts and sugar. Walnuts are a powerhouse of nutrition as well as great taste. They offer some unique anti-oxidants that are not present in any other food as well as vitamins and minerals that contribute to good health. Eat these often, and even double the amount called for in this recipe. This is an easy bread to bake and a great recipe for a new baker to try out. The bread calls for a crumble on top rather than a drizzle or icing, so something new to try to make. This bread is great for a lot of hungry times including breakfast on the run. Or, serve it for lunch filled with cream cheese and fresh chopped apple.

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