Are you concerned about bed bugs?....Try this easy bed bug TRAP to detect signs of early infestation

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If you've been travelling and you suspect that you may have picked up some bed bugs along the way somewhere, you'll want to test for them. It's best to catch bed bugs in the early stages of an infestation so that you can get on your bed bug removal protocol and get rid of them fast. If you don't work on removing them right away, bed bugs will multiply very quickly, and you'll have a severe bed bug infestation on your hands. The bed bug epidemic we are facing these days is said to have been caused by an increase in travel and people carrying them in their luggage. If we're ever to get on top of this bed bug epidemic, people need to become informed on how to reduce their chances of bringing home bed bugs and proper bed bug removal techniques. One of the best ways to detect if you have bed bugs is to set out a trap for them that they will come to and get trapped in. There are bed bug traps for sale, but they tend to be pretty expensive. You don't need to buy a bed bug trap, and you can just make one yourself. You just need a container, some water, sugar, and some yeast.

Take a container like a used pop bottle and cut the top of the bottle off. Then invert the top and place it in the larger part of the bottle like a funnel. Then mix 10 tablespoons of sugar with 2 tablespoons of yeast. You can get those little yeast packages at the store instead of buying a whole jar of yeast if you don't use it all the time. Then, add the mixture to one and a half litres of water and mix well. Then, put some of the mixture in the bottle, and you have a bed bug trap. The yeast, sugar and water create a carbon dioxide reaction, and the bed bugs are attracted to carbon dioxide. So they will climb up the side of the bottle and inside to get to what they think will be a source of food. When they are in the funnel part of the trap, they will not be able to get out so they will just die in the trap or get stuck in it until you find them. You can also put some double-sided tape on the outside of the bottle so that it will be easier for the bugs to climb the bottle. That way you'll be able to see proof of the bed bugs in your home so you can start the bed bug removal process. While this trap won't necessarily kill the bed bugs, it's a great way to detect them.

To remove the bed bugs from your home, you can use heat treatments, chemical treatments and natural remedies. You can also call a professional bed bug removal company to help you remove the bed bugs from your home which would be a smart idea if the bed bug infestation has really spread. One of the best ways to remove the bed bugs from your home is to use diatomaceous earth; a powder made up of tiny little rocks or the fossils of diatoms. It's a fine white powder that's non-toxic to humans and other animals, but insects find it lethal. When an insect gets this dust on them, they will die of dehydration. You can also use a spray made of tea tree oil which bed bugs will find overwhelmingly strong. Try out this trap idea from Life Hacker first to see if you have bed bugs and then go from there.***

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