Asian Glazed Orange Chicken

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Quick and easy chicken thigh recipes are excellent family meal options because chicken thighs can be prepared any way you want and they retain their juiciness no matter the cooking method. This Asian glazed orange chicken recipe will undoubtedly be a part of your best family recipes since it marries the beautiful, dark meat of boneless chicken thighs with the Asian takeout classic of orange chicken. Orange chicken recipes usually involve coating chunks of white chicken meat with a slurry and frying, but this one is a baked orange chicken recipe, which is a healthier option for you and your family, but no less delicious. In fact, you may like this chicken recipe even better than your favourite takeout variety because of the combination of fresh ingredients to create that tangy-sweet clash.

Quick dinner recipes for throughout the week are a necessity because of busy schedules, and by using one pan, this Asian chicken recipe is doable. You will want to make sure that you use an oven-proof frying pan to prepare your chicken recipe, since the chicken, sauce and all, will be cooked through in the oven. This step is crucial since whole boneless chicken thighs are used. The best frying pan for the oven are cast iron or stainless steel, because they conduct heat very well, but don’t worry if you don’t have either of these. You can complete the first steps of the chicken thigh recipe on the stove, if you prefer, though, and transfer everything to an oven-safe baking dish to finish in the oven. The best family recipes need not be difficult, since as long as you rely on excellent cooking methods and good-quality ingredients, you meal should turn out delicious every time.

In Asia, orange chicken recipes use dried orange peel, but North American Chinese restaurants use fresh orange peel or sometimes rely just on orange juice for bright citrus flavour. If you are looking for refreshing family dinner ideas, this baked orange chicken recipe uses a generous amount of fresh squeezed orange juice and a couple of teaspoons of fine orange zest so that you can have the best orange taste possible. This dish is rounded out by brown sugar, hoisin barbecue sauce, spicy sriracha, and ginger, making this an incredibly addictive main meal that your family will be craving after the fact. Don’t worry, however, if you or anyone in your family doesn’t like spice. This chicken dish uses only one teaspoon of hot sauce for interest, but you can omit it and place the Sriracha bottle on the table for those who want a little spice to their portion.

Next time you feel like Chinese takeout, think of this orange chicken recipe as a healthier, quick-fix option to satisfy those cravings. You could double the recipe if you think the week will be extra busy and the leftovers will heat up well because of the juicy chicken thigh meat and the generous amount of sauce. Thank you to Heidi, the developer of ‘Foodiecrush’ recipe blog, for her baked take on orange chicken in her Asian glazed orange chicken recipe.**

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