Asparagus and Tomato Saute with Balsamic and Feta

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Asparagus is one of the tastiest vegetables to have during spring, but if you are tired of having it plain roasted or boiled, this asparagus and tomato sauté with balsamic and feta recipe should be your new go-to asparagus dish. This side dish is the best asparagus recipe because the asparagus spears are sautéed for a few minutes, so that they have a tender-crisp texture, and don’t become chewy or stringy like with other asparagus recipes. The blistered grape tomatoes add contrasting flavour to the earthy spears while the balsamic accentuates the sweetness and tanginess of the vegetables. This asparagus recipe gets laid on a platter and looks elegant enough for a nice dinner party, but would be equally wonderful to have throughout the week as a pairing to grilled steak or fish.

Healthy asparagus recipes, like this sauteed asparagus and tomato recipe, are excellent because they add salty and fatty ingredients like feta cheese, without relying too heavily on them. The feta cheese gets added to taste so you can include however much or little you feel comfortable with. If you don't enjoy feta, any other white crumbling cheese will work well as a garnish, like goat cheese. You could even turn this side dish recipe into a main dish by searing a few pieces of Halloumi cheese to lay overtop and having a few garlicky crostini toasts on the side. To make grilled crostini, heat a grilled pan over high heat and place olive oil brushed pieces of crusty bread in the pan. Once the pieces are toasted on each side, you can leave them plain or rub a fresh garlic clove over each piece for a heavenly garlicky fragrance.

Asparagus side dish recipes are usually a matter of boiling or steaming asparagus, but these methods often leave the spears to being mushy or stringy. Many people who don’t enjoy asparagus will say that it is because of the texture, rather than the taste. This sauteed asparagus recipe removes any ill-favoured textures because the asparagus is allowed to get just soft enough to eat, but not so overcooked that you can’t bite it easily. Rather than the plainness of traditional asparagus recipes, you have the additions of tart and tangy ingredients like grape tomatoes, feta, and balsamic as well. Grape tomatoes usually come in a clam shell package, and you won’t need all of them to complete this asparagus side dish recipe, but don’t reserve them in the refrigerator.

Putting tomatoes in the fridge causes tomatoes to lose their sweet taste, so keeping them on the counter is best. If you don’t think you will be making this easy asparagus recipe for a second time soon, blanch and freeze any remaining grape tomatoes to add into stew recipes or chilli recipes. Or, you can add them to a quick pasta salad recipe along with any asparagus leftovers Thank you to Pam, the author of ‘For the Love of Cooking’ recipe blog, for her unique asparagus and tomato sauté with balsamic and feta recipe.**

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