Asparagus Bacon Corn and Sweet Potato Skillet

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This Asparagus Bacon Corn and Sweet Potato Skillet recipe is a wonderful side dish that could steal center stage because it is just such a pretty dish. Check out the photos on the website, Barefeet In The Kitchen, to see just what you could be preparing for dinner for you and your family tonight. It is a beautiful dish. And it is also action packed with flavor and nutrition. The pungent flavors of asparagus and bacon will nicely complement the sweet taste of fresh corn and sweet potato, making this a great dish with plenty of flavors.

Asparagus is available year-round or nearly so in most places in the country, but it is still best when you can purchase it locally and fresh in the season. So consider this dish a possible summer choice to make. Combined with the salty and pungent flavor of bacon, the asparagus is a great companion. The corn brings its own color contrast, in a bright yellow, loads of fiber, protein and plenty of other nutrition. The sweet potato is a great complex carbohydrate, offering beta carotene in spades as well as a texture contrast, not to mention its color and flavor contrast that it also brings to this dish.

This entire dish will sparkle on your dinner table when you make it because of the great colors of green asparagus, brown bacon, bright yellow corn and terrific orange sweet potato. The color spectrum also tells you that you are eating a diverse and nourishing collection of veggies and it also just makes you want to gobble it up. Of course, the amount of nutrition is fabulous, too, and you can feel great about offering this dish to the family, even with the small amount of bacon that is included in it. So go ahead, make and enjoy this dish soon.

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