Aunt Emmas Pound Cake

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This is probably as classic a recipe for pound cake as you will find anywhere. And I will be that Aunt Emma knew what she was about when she created this recipe for Aunt Emma's Pound Cake. Pound cake is an old cake, likely first developed in Britain. It is named after its ingredients; namely, one pound of flour, one pound of sugar, one pound of butter, and one pound of eggs. There were no leavening agents in the original cake, and there are non in Aunt Emma’s pound cake, either. The skill of the baker was demanded in order to whip the butter and sugar as light and airy as possible, blend in, one at a time, all those eggs, and then carefully fold the flour in to the entire blend. All of this work required a light hand and plenty of skill from the baker to know just how much, and when to stop. The baking had to be done with care as well, to know just when the rise was done, the cake was ready and tender, and to neither under cook nor over cook the result. Over cooking is a more typical problem with this type of pound cake as bakers worry that, without a leavening agent, the cake needs more time to rise and complete the bake.

This is a lovely cake with fabulous flavor. Cook it in a Bundt pan and allow it to show how beautiful it becomes when it is baked as one entire cake. This recipe does not include any frosting or icing; pound cakes are best with only a light glaze. You can make this by simply mixing icing sugar and a bit of butter with some liquid. And the liquid can range from fresh squeezed lemon to various liquors.

This is a lovely cake that does take some skill to prepare. Try it some day when you have the time to focus on the blend, and have the desire to prepare some thing very special for your family. It is a delicious and sophisticated cake that you can serve plain with tea or ice for a really special treat. Try this cake soon, won’t you? And enjoy it when you do.

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