Australian Sausage Rolls

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Enjoy a meal from the land of the kangaroo and make this Australian sausage rolls recipe for you and your family for dinner tonight. This sausage rolls recipe is about as simple as a recipe can get, so you can toss it together in a few minutes and have supper on the table easily within the hour. This sausage rolls recipe blends commercial sausage that you break up with other ingredients such as eggs and bread crumbs to make a filling. The filling is popped in to commercial puff pastry, and the whole thing is rolled up and then baked. Serve these little sausage rolls with a dip of any kind (choose the one that you and your family most favor) or you could make this as part of a larger meal.

This recipe is so quick and easy that you could pop it together whenever people drop by and you would like to serve them a bit of a snack while they visit. It is easy to keep the ingredients in the freezer and there are not too many of them that are required to make up this recipe. When you hear that friends are planning to pop by, just pull the puff pastry out of the freezer and put it in to the warmest part of your kitchen. Even when it is only partially frozen you can use the puff pastry to make up the sausage. And if the sausage is also frozen, simply put it in the microwave to get it soft enough to cook with, or cook it in the pan right from the frozen stage. It will only take a few extra minutes. And everything will certainly taste really fresh that way.

You can serve this sausage rolls recipe by itself, or as part of something larger. Just veggies will work with these Australian sausage rolls, including veggies such as chopped carrots, celery, cucumber and other similar vegetables. Or, you could make this sausage rolls recipe as part of a larger meal. They would taste great served with potatoes or even rice. Then you could make the veggies hot and cooked rather than raw, or serve everything with a great side salad or bright mixed greens. There are plenty of ways to make this sausage rolls recipe work for a lot of different needs. So enjoy this Australian sausage rolls recipe whenever you are in the mood for a little bite of sausage. The kids will enjoy it, too, if you make this up for them as a late day snack, or even something that you could make in the evening for something for them to eat while they do their school work. Enjoy this!

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