Authentic 1890s log cabin on 45 acres of scenic mountain side hiking

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Have you ever wanted to experience log cabins of the past? You can actually stay in an authentic log cabin from the 1890s in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. This would be the perfect vacation rental for anyone who loves log cabins, especially someone who is interested to build a log cabin or home of their own. This cabin set on 45 acres of private land is great for a relaxing vacation away from all of the hustle of modern living. You can really connect with yourself and the natural world to find a sense of balance and peace. The log cabin is listed on VRBO which is one of the best websites to rent vacation properties through. It's a platform that anyone can use to rent out their property to tourists and travellers. There are thousands of properties to choose from all over the world so you could possibly stay in a log cabin or home anywhere you travelled. It could be a great way to experience different small log home plans and designs as well as different styles of log cabins and homes. When you're looking to build a log cabin for recreational use, the smaller designs like this one would be perfect for a smaller family or a couple. If you're just using the cabin recreationally, it wouldn't even be necessary for each person to have their own bedroom.

This cabin includes two smaller bedrooms with comfortable beds in each room so this cabin can accommodate up to 4 people in total. There is also one bathroom in the cabin which is always so convenient. Most modern cabins have bathrooms in them, but some of the more rustic cabins use an outhouse as the bathroom. It just means that the cabin can be off the grid and that the property owners won't have to pay a lot of money to have the septic hooked up. There may be restrictions and regulations for this in your area so make sure you always check with your local ordinance office to be clear on your local laws and codes. The cabin also has a great kitchen in it with a full sized stove and fridge to make meals as needed. More cabins are including full-sized appliances in them these days, and older cabins like this one are getting updated with the newer technologies to make them comfortable. If you wanted to build an off-grid cabin you could also install solar power and propane appliances instead or a composting toilet instead of a flush toilet.

This log cabin also features something that wouldn't have been available back when it was first built which is central heating and air conditioning. There is also a gas fireplace as well to add some heat and ambience. They have also put a wooden hot tub on the deck for guests to use during their stay which is a really nice touch. This log cabin has definitely been updated to modern standards, especially on the inside. Although there is still a lot of the rustic charm on the exterior of the cabin. You can see all of the old weathered logs and the chinking added between them to keep the envelope sealed. The bottom of the house is built using beautiful river rock which compliments the natural wood so well. Another option instead of building a log cabin from the ground up is that you could buy a real log cabin that's for sale and renovate it much like what was done with this lovely log cabin. It also shows us how long log cabins can last, making them a great choice for homes or vacation cabins.***

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