Authentic Canadian Poutine

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What is Poutine? First let us tell you that This Authentic Canadian Poutine recipe is the real deal. I am a Canadian so I know what 'Poutine' is. There are lots and lots of people that have no clue to this delicious Eastern Canadian staple.

To fill you all in on what is in poutine, it is a lot of favorites served on one dish. The base is the potatoes, and they are done as french fries. These crispy brown french fries get covered in a delicious beef gravy. Cheddar cheese curds are placed onto the hot french fries, then covered with the beef gravy. This makes them melt and turn into bites of gooey warm cheese.

Now that you know what it is your mouth is likely watering. This food is as common as just plain old french fries in Canada. To get a little background, poutine dates back to the 1950's to 1970's in Victoriaville, which is located about and an hour from Montreal, Quebec. The story goes that there was a little restaurant, and a customer came in wanting fries, but saw the cheese curds on the counter and said he wanted that as well, so it got mixed. Adding sauces, such as tomato sauces to poutine came later, not until 1964. In the 1970's poutine found its way to New York and New Jersey. Gravy got added as well. This dish was very popular for the late night party and disco-goers. This was in the days when no one worried about calories and how much of this type of food they consumed. There are variations of poutine.

In the French-Canadian population, poutine was considered an excellent choice for high-cuisine! In fact, it was just a low, rural food and never really made it onto the international scene which is why so many people have never heard of it.

What it boils down to is if you like those basic ingredients mentioned earlier you are going to love poutine!

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