Avocado Chocolate Bread

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The pairing of avocado and chocolate is all the rage, as with chocolate avocado mousse recipes, because avocado can be pureed to a creamy, velvety consistency, and is very nutritious. If you are a fan of the nutrient-rich avocado, then you will love them in this avocado chocolate bread recipe. The avocados get mashed up and added to this chocolate cake recipe, which makes the loaf very moist and fluffy. The other benefit of this chocolate and avocado bread recipe is that it is gluten-free and dairy-free, which means this cake is accessible to all chocolate lovers.

Dessert recipes are usually just about indulgence with little thought about obtaining nutritional sustenance, but this avocado bread recipe provides both satisfying flavour and nutrition. Avocados have always been used for guacamole recipes, but the recognition of avocados as a super food has meant their appearance in many other kinds of dishes. Avocado nutrients include things like pantothenic acid, fiber, and vitamin K, which are all generous amounts and nutrients that people should get more of. Pantothenic acid, or vitamin B5, is capable of fuelling us by breaking down fats, but can also build up fats for storage. Also, from one cup of avocado, you can get ten grams of your daily-recommended intake of fiber, which is crucial for maintaining weight and for helping your dietary system function smoothly. Chocolate desserts were never so healthy as they are in combination with avocado in this avocado chocolate bread recipe.

If you are looking for healthy snacks for kids, the benefits of avocado makes this chocolate loaf recipe the perfect choice. This avocado loaf recipe also doesn’t use any refined sweeteners, preferring to stick with natural raw honey, which is high in antioxidants. The use of three tablespoons may not seem like enough to sweeten this avocado chocolate cake recipe, but honey has a much sweeter taste than sugar, which means that a little goes a long way. Despite all these healthful ingredients of almond flour and coconut oil, your kids will never be able to tell that this is supposed to be a healthy loaf, because of the rich, chocolate colour and taste. This chocolate loaf recipe is loaded with tons of chocolate chips and sure to be the first snack your children will go for in their school lunches.

If you need something sweet to bring to a dinner party, fancy but easy desserts may be a challenge to find, but since this loaf recipe is covered with chocolate chips, it will look elegant sliced, and laid on a long platter. You can even prepare some easy sauces to garnish the plates with, like a raspberry coulis, which is simply sweetened raspberries that have been pureed and strained to create a smooth sauce. If you would prefer more variation of colour, you could even do half of the chocolate chip topping with white chocolate chips, which would be eye-popping on anyone’s dinner table. Thank you to Adriana, the author of ‘Living Healthy With Chocolate’ recipe blog, for showing us her healthy avocado chocolate bread recipe. **

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