Bacon And Cheese Soft Rolls

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Bacon and cheese soft rolls will make a meal in themselves. Set them down warm for lunch with a great side salad, and you have a filling and nutritious meal. Offer them for dinner with stew or soup, and again, a roll or two will fill everyone up. Set them out in the morning for people to grab as they race out for the day. It’s breakfast in a roll. And the recipe is simple, and other than the rising time, will take only a bit of time to make up. As you read the recipe, think of other combinations that might be delicious wrapped in a roll.

Homemade breads are easy to make, but sometimes the idea of working with yeast can be intimidating. But with today’s fabulous yeasts, great flours, and wonderful ovens to cook in, bread is an easy thing to make with a great likely hood of success. Even when they do not turn out perfectly (I’ve had them not cook completely in the middle) family members will eat their way around the “bad bits” and you will come across the remainders, like stone washed bones in the desert. Leave that long enough, and some one, desperate in the middle of the night, will eat that, too, smothered in butter and jam. So try this recipe and don’t fear that it won’t get gobbled up, especially if you serve it warm.

It never ceases to amaze me how my family will eat anything I make, even total disasters. I’ve seen piles of burnt food gobbled up like they hadn’t been fed in weeks. Everything is always “delicious,” and they seem to have no flavor sense between what is bad and what is good. Of course, that works in my favor. It will probably work in your house too. So why not test this theory out on these bread rolls, and see what happens?

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