Bacon Cheddar Bread

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This is a recipe for a quick Bacon Cheddar and Beer Bread. Yeast breads made with beer (and bacon and cheese) are also fantastic, so you can expect great results from this recipe. As well, of course, this web site, The Slow Roasted Italian, is chock full of really well put together dishes, desserts, breads and appetizers. So this recipe will also be a great one that you and your family are sure to really enjoy. So try this recipe and see just how terrific a bread made with beer, and that includes cheese and bacon truly is.

This is an easy recipe to make. You might want to let your new baker try it out, it is just that simple to prepare. And given how easy it is to pull together, the results are extraordinary. As well, blend the recipe by hand to ensure the lightest result possible. The recipe does recommend a substitute for beer, if there are issues or concerns with using it in a recipe. Some people are allergic, or just do not wish to drink alcohol, even though the liquor burns off as the bread bakes. Still, there are non-alcoholic alternatives you can choose. Still, if at all possible, choose to use a beer. A particular brand is recommended, but whatever you use, consider a darker and sweeter beer (along the lines of a Guinness, for example).

This is a true quick bread that, once the cheese is shredded and the bacon is cooked, will literally come together in just a few minutes. The recipe also suggests brushing the cooked bread with melted butter when it comes out of the oven. This step makes all bread taste fabulous beyond belief. Try it, if you have not done this before with fresh baked bread. It makes it good enough to just tear off a piece and eat it without any other spread or topping.

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