Bacon Cheddar Little Potatoes

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This is a quick and easy Bacon Cheddar Little Potatoes recipe that you can make for a side dish for a dinner meal or just as a snack that you and your family can enjoy when watching a night of your favorite television shows. This Bacon Cheddar Little Potatoes recipe is a combination of small potatoes, cheese and bacon with a few more ingredients thrown in for good measure. This potato recipe is easy to make and does not really require any special potatoes. You can use any potato that you might have in the house for this bacon cheddar recipe, and this dish will still taste great. Of course, the little potatoes are a bit of a novelty and everyone enjoys having them, but when the dish is smothered in bacon and cheddar cheese, any potato will have terrific results.

Potatoes are a great food. They can be prepared in so many different ways and in so many different potato recipes. For example, potatoes can be boiled, baked, fried, chopped, minced, and made up in a thousand other ways. They work well in almost every kind of food that you can think of, whether Indian, Greek, Italian or American. They go with just about everything, too, including beef, fish, chicken, or pork. They can be dressed up or left plain. You can eat them with their skin on (and you should most of the time) or you can just eat the flesh. Whether you bake them or boil them or do something in-between, potatoes are a fantastic food. They are also great nutrition and have lots of phosphorous and vitamin C, among other nutrients that are important to our good health.

This potato recipe is made with bacon as well as cheddar cheese, and plenty of both. These are heavy and rich flavors that potato can taste great with. When you put these three ingredients together you really have a full dinner meal without adding any thing else. You might want to add some greens, and then, give how filling and calorie dense these foods are (except the potato) you might want to only add some steamed greens to round things out.

This dish is pretty quick and easy to make, and much of it can be made ahead of time, if you like. Bacon can be cooked and frozen for easy meals and it will not take long to wash and chop the potatoes, especially if you do not peel them (so do not peel them and improve the amount of fiber in the entire dish). Enjoy this dish soon. Everyone really enjoys these major ingredients of cheese, bacon and potatoes. They just all work really well together.

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