Bacon Cheddar Pinwheels

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Enjoy this Bacon Cheddar Pinwheels recipe that combines two tasty and strong flavors that everyone seems to like, bacon and cheddar cheese. This pinwheels recipe is quick and easy to make, and it will take no time at all for you to pull some of these together if friends and family members drop by unexpectedly. You will never be caught without a snack again once you know how to make this pinwheels recipe. And this recipe is made with mostly commercial ingredients, so that will make the pinwheels recipe even easier and quicker than if you had to actually bake something. In this pinwheels recipe, you simply pick up the frozen dough at your local grocery store (in the freezer section, of course) and then spread the cheese and pre-cooked bacon on top and bake for a bit. Done. You can also make the bacon ahead of time, and freeze it, so you can always pull bacon out of the freezer for quick little snacks such as this one.

This bacon cheddar pinwheels recipe is a great snack, and even a good breakfast. It will make you happy to see the kids grabbing one or two of these snacks as they head out the door in the morning, and know that they will not be stopping off at a fast food joint instead. This dish could also be served at lunch, and since it is an assembly of ingredients, will come together quickly enough to make it then, if you want. Serve it at lunch with a great salad that is plenty sharp and tangy to contrast with the sultry flavors of the cheddar cheese and the bacon. You could also have this dish available for when the kids and the rest of the family come home in the late afternoon. This pinwheels recipe could provide a great tide over snack before dinner so that people do not get too hungry as they wait for the evening meal. Or it could be great to make these on those days when dinner is deliberately being served late, such as when you have guests over for dinner. Any way that you make them, this little snack can serve you well in lots of ways.

This pinwheels recipe is so easy you can let the family cook make it up, too, especially if they are old enough to work the oven. Since the ingredients are more assembled than cooked or baked, it is a great opportunity to let an up and coming cook try his or her hand at shaping something, as here, in to a round, and learning how to make them so they can be picked up by hand and eaten.

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