Bacon Cheese Brown Sugar Pork Chops

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This is a quick, easy, and affordable recipe for Bacon Cheese Brown Sugar Pork Chops. Pretty much all you need to know to make this yummy meal is right in the title. Pork chops can take on all kinds of different ingredients such as cheese and other ingredients. Here, a sauce is made using brown sugar, which will add juiciness and tanginess to the pork. Then bacon is wrapped around the chops to ensure that there will be great flavor and depth as well as even more juiciness in the pork. Finally, cheese is sprinkled over the entire dish, making it even more rich and delicious. This dish will be fantastic.

Pork is a great meat, lean and slightly sweet. It is a meat that seems particularly conducive to sweet and tangy sauces or sides like mint and apple sauce. Pork is also one of the oldest known meat that humans consume, and has been cultivated for at least 5000 years. It is also a slightly unusual meat in that it is eaten both as preserved meat and fresh. Think ham and then pork chops. Pork also contains lots of iron, as most meats do, and trace amounts of riboflavin, niacin, vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals. It provides lots of protein, of course, and is now a very lean meat to eat. It is much milder, but also sweeter, than red meat, and is a great alternative to it, too.

This recipe would taste great whether you serve it with potatoes, rice or noodles. The combination of both sweet brown sugar and the cheese allows this dish to be served with pretty much anything. A great greens mixture might also make a good side for the pork, whether you steam the mixture or serve it raw with drizzled olive and lemon juice freshly squeezed on top. Any way you make it, these pork chops will be a great hit with your family, so make them soon, and make plenty of them. Enjoy!

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