Bacon Cheese Potato Casserole

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A comfort meal can be best described as a meal that gives you comfort on a cold or rainy day or on a day when your soul needs comforting. Think of the great feeling you get from a warm

blanket on a cold morning. Yes any recipe that can create that feeling is definitely a comfort food recipe. This is part of a list of many delicious potato recipe ideas that can make use of the ever-resilient potato. The best casserole recipes usually start with an excellent recipe and end with a table full of satisfied eaters. Casseroles are the best way to include many veggies and they can be easily disguised by cheese to make even your pickiest eaters happy to have eaten veggies without even being sure they did.

As a cook for your family deception is always welcomed since many recipes that call for veggies are not always your diner’s first choice. Recipes can be great ways to hide the good and healthy ingredients and have your family happy to eat them as well as being unaware they are actually eating something that might be healthy. Comfort meal ideas and recipes can be as easy as this casserole recipe from the kitchen of Judy or they can also be more difficult ones that might take a little longer but will bring comfort to the soul. Many delicious

potato recipe ideas include ingredients that might not be your first choice in regards to the health factor. If you take your best casserole recipes and try to add or subtract things that you find unhealthy then always feel free to make the recipe healthier by bringing your creativity to the recipe.

This casserole recipe calls for potatoes that are diced and also includes cheese and bacon. Now they might be comfort food ingredients but might not be the healthiest choice. You can change the bacon to a chicken or turkey offering which cuts down on the fat content. You can also change the cheese to a cottage cheese variety that has much less fat. When considering any recipe don’t be put off if it calls for an ingredient or ingredients that you are not that fond of or that you feel are not as healthy as you like. If you do some minimal research you can take most recipes and make them healthier and that doesn’t always mean they will be totally healthy but just getting the recipe to be somewhat healthier always helps.

Bacon is a great addition to many recipes simply for the fact that it brings so much flavor to the table. You can get hickory smoked, maple smoked and you can also get pork belly and smoke the bacon yourself. If you decide this route then you will already be better off than the store bought one since they are usually loaded with chemicals and the one you make yourself can forgo all the chemicals that don’t do any good for us anyway. Thanks to Judy of The Midnight Baker Blog for this yummy Bacon Cheese Potato Casserole Recipe and bon apetit.**

Nutrition Facts for: Bacon Cheese Potato Casserole From The Midnight Baker
Ingredients: Potatoes, onions, fresh chives, cheddar cheese, mayonnaise, bacon, salt, pepper.
* Percentages (%) are based on a 2000 calorie diet * The entire recipe has been calculated for 4 servings. * Per Serving: Calories 638, Calories from Fat 383, Total Fat 42.6g 66%, Saturated Fat 19.8g 99%, Cholesterol 122mg 41%, Sodium 1670mg 70%, Potassium 991mg 28%, Carbohydrates 25.2g 8%, Dietary Fiber 3.6g 14%, Sugars 2.1g, Protein 37.6g, Vitamin A 13%, Vitamin C 51%, Calcium 43%, Iron 11%

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