Bacon Cheeseburger Dip Recipe

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Here is a sumptuous Bacon Cheeseburger Dip Recipe that you can use in all kinds of ways. It is a really filling dish, and could almost be served for dinner. It is that rich. This recipe combines two different kinds of meats, three different types of cheeses and plenty of the right seasonings to create this creamy, delicious recipe. Serve it with chips that you crisp in the oven. Chips are always better when they are lightly toasted and then served with something such as this Bacon Cheeseburger Dip Recipe. So crisp yours. It is easy to do. Heat your oven first. Spread the chips you are planning to serve (tortillas, etc.) or even bread tortillas, if that is your preference, and be sure to watch them while they are in the oven. They can burn quickly.

This is an easy recipe for any one to make. It is rich and only a few bites will start to fill your family up. So serve it with rice and some greens of on a bed of greens, if you like, so they get a great balanced meal from this dish. Or, serve it as a snack when the family is around the television for the evening. This dish is a heavy combination of protein and fats, so you can be sure that this dish will fill up your family quickly.

This is a great dish, a good comfort food, and something your family will love. Serve it with chips or flour tortillas or even both. Put some rice on, too, and add greens to make this a complete meal. It is the perfect stay at home comfort food and your family will love it. Book mark this recipe and try it soon, okay?

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