Bacon Cheeseburger Meatballs

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Enjoy this Bacon Cheeseburger Meatballs recipe and provide a great and filling meal to your family and whoever else might drop in for dinner. Or make this meatballs recipe as a snack that you can serve to anyone who drops in or at any gathering at your house. Enjoy this recipe soon! And since everything that goes in to the meatballs recipe (including the meatballs) is bought at the local grocery store, this task becomes one of assembling the materials. And that means that the kids can help. In fact, if you wanted to do this, you could just set out all of the cooked ingredients, including the meatballs, cheese, pre-cooked bacon, and anything else you are considering for the toothpick stack, and let people mix and match, as they like.

So this meatballs recipe calls for you to cut and stack the various things on top of the ready made meatballs. Once the meatballs are cooked, spear one with the toothpick. Then add whatever you like. The recipe from the site, An Affair from the Heart, piles bacon, cheese, lettuce and tomato. That is a delicious combination blending some lovely veggies with the cheese and meat. You can do all of the meatballs this way, or you can let people put together their own mixtures. You can even chop up some other veggies that they could stack on their own toothpicks. For example, you could chop up cucumber, or red, green, yellow and orange peppers. You might add lightly sautéed mushrooms, and just use them whole or make sure they are small enough for the toothpick. There are plenty of ways to make this stack of meatballs and bacon and cheese taste great.

The nice thing about letting people make their own toothpick stacks is that people who might have food sensitivities, or who just plain do not like certain things, are not stuck trying to eat them, or having to forego the meatballs as a result. So by just setting out the various parts that you could use to make the meatballs people who might prefer one thing over another can have the option of putting together their own favorite combination. Of course, if you prefer to have them ready made, the kids will love helping to put the bits and pieces together. You may have to make up a few extra meatballs and be sure to have plenty of extra bacon and cheese as little hands may find their way in to the mouths of your helpers with these yummy snacks. This is a layering of meatballs, bacon, cheese, and veggies on toothpicks to make a yummy snack. You could make these for dinner, too, if wanted.

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