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Bacon Crack! Anything recipe that has bacon in it is usually a winner. The recipe featured from Oh Bite It makes a crispy candy coated bacon. This dessert item will lure you in. The ingredients are pretty simple, bacon, crescent dough, maple syrup, cayenne pepper and brown sugar.

It's called Crack because this one will be as addictive. But we'll get to letting you know where to find the recipe in a bit.

Let's talk about brown sugar and give you some hints on what to do when you have a bag of brown sugar that has gone hard. How often have you bought a bag of brown sugar and after using thought you had sealed it up tight enough, only to find that when you went to use it again it was rock-hard solid! If you need to be able to use it right away, a quick fix is to use the microwave oven. Use a glass bowl, as we don't want to use plastic in the microwave. Place a couple layers of moist paper towels in the bowl. Place the hard lump on sugar into the towels. Place a couple more moist towels around the sugar. Cover the bowl with a plate. Next you blast it in the microwave for 20 seconds, take a look. The brown sugar will start to soften again. You may need to do several 20 second blasts to get it to its softened state.

To keep the sugar soft here are a couple of ideas that work. Brown sugar gets hard because it contains moisture to start. When the moisture evaporates, it hardens. The best way to avoid this is to store brown sugar in an air tight container. There are little terra cotta kitchen devices you can put into the container that are great aids as well.

Now that we have solved the problem of our hard bag of brown sugar, lets get this great recipe which can be found at the 'Oh Bite It' website below.

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