Bacon Egg and Cheese Breakfast Casserole

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This bacon egg and cheese breakfast casserole recipe is easy to throw together the night before; then you can bake it in the morning. This casserole recipe is flavorful, with lots of crispy bacon and cheddar cheese. This casserole recipe is great for breakfast or brunch. You will need eggs, milk, salt, dry mustard, bread, bacon and cheddar cheese for this flavorful food idea. You'll want to take a look at the step by step recipe tutorial for this easy casserole recipe idea.

When it comes to bacon, there is more than one type of bacon you can try. The most common type of bacon is American bacon. However, there are several other types of bacon found around the world. American bacon is cured and cold-smoked pork belly that is trimmed of its rind. American bacon is usually sold in long thin or thick slices that must be first cooked. Slab bacon is a large slab of American bacon that has the rind still attached that is uncut so that you can choose how you want to cut the bacon up. Pancetta bacon is Italian bacon that is cured and sometimes spiced pork belly that is unsmoked. Pancetta bacon is sold in chunks or thinly sliced rounds that must be cooked first. Canadian bacon is similar to ham, Canadian bacon, which is also known as peameal bacon, is made from pork loin that is trimmed of its fat and cured and sometimes smoked. Canadian bacon is much leaner than American bacon, and has a tender texture, and is a bit sweet. Canadian bacon is sold precooked. Irish or English bacon is a bit of a hybrid of American and Canadian bacon. Irish or English bacon is made from curing and usually smoking the pork loin with the fat still left on and the pork belly attached. The loin portion of this bacon is known as rashers, the belly part of the bacon is streaky, and both need to be cooked first.

When it comes to cooking bacon, many people would agree that there is nothing that smells quite as good as bacon cooking. Cooking American bacon is not difficult, but can involve some dangerous bacon grease that splatters if not done properly. Luckily cooking bacon has versatility going for it and can be cooked on the stovetop, in the microwave, or in big batches cooked in the oven. Low, even heat will help render out the fat slowly and minimize the grease splattering, and crisp it up before the bacon burns, and keeps the bacon from curling up. You can also freeze bacon. Frozen bacon is a great food idea to keep in the freezer to make an easy pasta carbonara recipe for dinner. If you freeze bacon into single slices, you can pull out just enough bacon that you need, and the bacon will thaw in minutes. In fact, half-thawed bacon is the easiest way to dice and chop up the bacon since the fat hasn't softened yet to make the process sticky and slippery. Cooked bacon is a food idea that also freezes well and can be rewarmed in the oven or the microwave quickly. Bacon fat absorbs just as much delicious smoky flavor as the meaty part of the bacon does. You can save the bacon grease and use it to fry up eggs, flavor popcorn, or baste a turkey, or generally use the bacon grease in place of butter or oil when you want a boost of salty, and smoky flavor.

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