Bacon Garlic Green Beans

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This bacon garlic green beans recipe will be a hit in your house, with the taste of salty bacon and spicy garlic. The beans cook just until they are bright green, but tender, before being tossed with cooked bacon and some of the rendered fat, making this the most addictive vegetable recipe ever. Whenever you are looking to get more vegetable love from your family, the addition of bacon will be sure to please them. Brandie, the author of The Country Cook recipe blog, came up with this green bean recipe as inspiration from her southern roots. According to her, the south has its way of bringing the best out of every vegetable with the addition of fatty, delicious foods like bacon and salted butter. Vegetables are never an afterthought on a southern table, but rather something to devour and enjoy.

The secret to the best green beans is not to overcook them. You want the beans to be tender and bright green, not mushy and darkened. Brandie blanches the beans before stir-frying them so that they become just cooked through before tossing with the other ingredients. Five minutes should be the perfect amount of time to get green beans brightly coloured and tender, but this may depend on how thick the green beans are. The best beans for this green bean recipe would be ones that are long and thin, versus thick since the thicker beans tend to have a stringy quality. If you don’t have green beans on hand or it is springtime, fresh asparagus would be a tasty alternative, since the asparagus spears would require a similar amount of time to cook.

Brandie doesn’t suggest a specific kind of bacon to use in this green bean recipe, so just use your favourite. If you are on a sodium-limited diet, a low sodium bacon would be a perfect choice in this side dish recipe and still be delicious due to the fatty nature of the bacon. Maple cured bacon would add a sweet flair to this green bean dish, but apple wood smoked bacon would add a more traditional taste. If you require vegetarian food because you are a vegetarian or will be serving one, you can still use this bean recipe as a base, and simply omit the bacon. Cubed smoked tofu is a wonderful choice because it will add a smoky taste similar to bacon, as well as a meaty texture. Shiitake mushrooms may be another excellent substitute to bacon, especially when combined with a small amount of liquid smoke and cooked to golden brown. Whether you choose to use pure bacon or decide to go vegetarian with smoked tofu or mushrooms, everyone will be singing praises about this side dish recipe.

If you have always thought that delicious food couldn’t translate into easy and delicious dinner recipes, this dish will prove you wrong. All that is need is to blanch some beans, cook some bacon and toss it all together for the best green bean dish ever. This dish will become a favourite of yours too, if you are a gardener, and have a bounty of green beans coming out of your garden right now. If all you have in the house is frozen green beans, rest assured, those are a great choice too. Frozen vegetables have the benefit of having been harvested at their peak, which means they have optimum nutrition in them and don’t have to be ashamed to use them. Thank you to Brandie, the recipe developer of The Country Cook recipe blog, for sharing her bacon garlic green beans recipe with us.

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