Bacon Jalapeno Mac and Cheese

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Take mac and cheese to a whole new level with this recipe for Bacon Jalapeno Mac and Cheese. This classic comfort food will become even more popular with the addition of the saltiness of bacon and the piquant flavor of jalapeno. Blended with loads of creamy cheese to take the edge of both flavors, this mac and cheese will hit the spot with every member of the family.

The creator of this recipe, and website blogger, Judy, gives some funny but very necessary cautions regarding jalepeno. If you have never chopped or cooked with fresh, raw jalepeno peppers, be prepared. When chopped or cut open, the jalepeno releases its juices into the air, and these can be toxic (really). So our blogger, Judy, reminds us to not breathe in (and watch your eyes). Further, she advises, “turn on the fan” which will help dissipate the strong capsaicin molecules that can burn eyes, irritate throats and even hands. So be sure to wash your hands and the area where you have been working with the jalepeno peppers once you are through. Don’t worry, though, once cooked jalepeno peppers become a much more subtle flavoring, and they will be fabulous in this recipe. For people who really do not like foods that hot, simply not eating the jalepeno peppers will turn the heat way down.

This is a great dish made entirely from scratch, including the cheese sauce, which is terrific. Helping hands can prepare the bacon for you, but chop the jalepeno peppers yourself. This recipe for bacon jalapeno mac and cheese bumps up the flavor of mac and cheese to a whole new level that every one in your household will really enjoy. It may become your family’s new go to mac and cheese comfort food. Try this dish soon!

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