Bacon Monte Cristo Finger Sandwiches

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If you are searching for that perfect sandwich recipe that has the word montecristo in it then you have found the recipe that is one of many great montecristo sandwich recipes. Donna gives you the chance to make a sandwich that is made in many different ways and has roots in France. The montecristo as it is lovingly known is a variation of the croque-monsieur a lovely French creation that includes ham, cheese and a toasted bun or sliced bread. Donna brings us her version that is the sweet version of this usually savory sandwich. Your best sandwich recipes file has now got a new and exciting addition. Monte cristo sandwich recipes are varied and they go from a sweet fried or toasted variety to the more original savory ham and specialty cheese ones.

As with all recipes this one is not an exception to the golden rule. Never feel that you have to follow the recipe to the fullest. If you are not a fan of ham then add turkey, chicken or any deli meat that makes your heart flutter. This sandwich can also be left without the sweet edge and if you decide to batter the bread then use a batter that might include maple syrup or go the other way and add a savory mix that you prefer. Make the sandwich your own personal dish and then you can pass

that along to friends and family and start another sandwich craze.

Finger sandwiches are great for that mid afternoon snack or when your kids have friends over and you are looking for something for them to munch on that won’t make a big mess and as with all finger sized foods kids usually love them. You can make sandwiches like this one that has deli meat or you can go vegan and make cucumber finger sandwiches and if you are going for a more unique taste then go with fig and brier cheese. Finger sandwiches are easy to make and you have many options for ingredients and ways to cook them. You can go with toasted bread or you can opt to bake them in the oven and have the cheese meld into a gooey mixture that will help everything stay on the thin piece of bread.

This sandwich calls for bacon to be added and that is a good thing especially if you and your diners are fans of the porcine treat. Bacon adds flavor to anything you decide to add it to and if you are trying to stay on the healthier side then sub the pork bacon for a chicken or turkey one that has much less fat and will not lose the taste factor you are looking for. Always strive to make the recipe as healthy as possible without losing out on the taste factor. Many people will say the things that taste good are not always the healthiest things and that does not have to be true. Thanks to Donna of The Slow Roasted Italian Blog for this yummy Bacon Monte Cristo Finger Sandwich Recipe and bon apetit.**

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