Bacon Wrapped Chicken

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It is well worth it just to go to Peep My Eats website to see the photos of this bacon wrapped chicken and drool over this recipe. Chicken wrapped in bacon is a fantastic combination by any measure. The slightly sweet and subtle flavor of chicken gets a real boost from the saltiness of bacon. This recipe has more than a few surprises, though, so don’t get stuck thinking, “Oh, it’s just another chicken with bacon recipe.” It isn’t.

This is an individual serving, attractive dish that can work for casual summer nights eating in the back yard or for a really special dinner where you invite friends and family to a special celebration. It is easy to make, although you will want to read the recipe over and look at the great photos to be sure you understand what is going on. Still, don’t be intimidated. This will produce a lovely meat that can work with a lot of veggies. For example, smashed potatoes made with mushroom gravy would be a fabulous complement along with any dark greens (but especially Swiss Chard—it’s sweetness goes wonderfully well with chicken).

This is a dish worth making when you have some time to spend on it. That way you can practice putting it together, so that when you want to make it you can quickly and easily. One way to possibly speed up the process is to construct the dish then freeze it. Wrap it well, and it would probably keep in the freezer for at least 30 days. Then, you can just pull out the bacon wrapped chicken whenever you want it and make it up. That’s quick and easy cooking. Try this dish soon. It will become a family favorite.

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