Bacon Wrapped Grilled Cheese

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Sometimes you just have to let go and live a little and that’s the case here with this fabulous Bacon wrapped grilled cheese sandwich. Melted cheese if so fantastic when it is blended with savory and salty bacon. We know it is bad, but oh! It’s so darn good!

We spend so much of our time ensuring that we have a nutritious and balanced diet, without too much fat, sugars or all those other things that taste so yummy, but that we know are not the best thing for us. Yet, once in a while, it is okay to just take a break and entirely indulge yourself. That’s what happens here with this bacon wrapped grilled cheese sandwich. Can’t you just feel yourself biting into it now, all melty and salty and a little crunch from the bread?

This recipe is inspired by the god of bacon/author of, but that is a bit unfair. Women love bacon, too. Of course this recipe may shock you a bit with the amount of bacon on the sandwich, so you may want to share it with someone. Still, the video shows how to put the sandwich together, fry it, and cut it open to show cheese-y, bacon-y yumminess oozing out of every bite. It will make your knees weak to see it.

You cannot live your life without taking a risk now and then. Here is one risk that isn’t likely to kill you (there is a lot of bacon here) but that you will fall in love with as soon as you see it. Serve this up on a day where you splurge, like your birthday, and really indulge yourself with something entirely decadent.

Or make it a family tradition to have this sandwich on one delicious day of the year. You could mark your calendar and each year choose to eat something entirely naughty (but still nice). Check out the sandwich today, and see what you think!

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