Bacon Wrapped Mini Meatloaf

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This Bacon Wrapped Mini Meatloaf recipe is a great one to serve at any time and to any one. You will love how this mini meatloaf recipe comes together and delivers big flavor in just a few easy steps. This mini meatloaf recipe is also pretty enough to serve to guests and friends when they drop by for dinner, but will not break the bank in order to serve plenty of people a meal. So try this bacon meatloaf recipe and you will see just how much great taste just a small amount of bacon can deliver to your supper dishes. In this recipe, turkey bacon is used for the meatloaf recipe. You could try that, although since the bacon simply wraps the meatloaf, you might also consider a more flavorful and traditional bacon. You could also consider a smoked variety or one that uses chipotle. In the end, most bacon will deliver a real flavor punch, and since the bacon is wrapped around the mini meatloaf it can also be removed and not eaten by those who prefer to avoid this particular meat.

This mini meatloaf recipe is one that could serve any day of the week. It is an entirely made from scratch recipe, which means that it will deliver great flavor. You could also make these little meat loaves and then freeze them and pull them out when you do not have time or energy to make a full meal and simply bake and serve them, then. They are easy to make, and require ingredients that you already likely have in your kitchen cupboards and fridge. In fact, this recipe is so easy that it is likely your young bakers or cooks can pull this one together for you. Or let them make another part of the meal. This meatloaf recipe is great for any meal, and is a terrific comfort food, warm and filling. You could even serve this little meatloaf on a hamburger bun and deliver great flavor. Or serve this mini meatloaf, as the site illustrates, with great smashed potatoes and veggies. Almost any variety that you enjoy would taste great with this hamburger based dish.

This dish is great for any tie of the year, and can be served with almost anything. You could serve them up with hamburger buns and eat them that way, or you could serve them with potatoes, rice or even noodles. Add some great steamed greens and you have a wonderfully balanced meal to serve the family. And they will love it. The bacon simply wraps the individually-made loaves and so those who do not like bacon can simply remove it, while getting the great flavor bacon imparts.

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