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Would you love to have a nice, juicy burger that is loaded to the max with amazing toppings?! Well this might just do the trick for you, this is an epic recipe for The Rib Tickler. It not only has a nice, juicy patty on it, but rib meat on it as well... Now if that's not a fully loaded burger than I don't know what is! Wow! I am personally not a fan of eating this much meat at once, but I would have a bite if some one would let me. The rib meat looks absolutely delicious, nice and tender and probably just fell off the bone.

The pork rib meat was made with a marinade with coca cola in it, which is usually in the best rib recipes, or beer, because the carbonation tenderizes the meat. Good for making tender ribs, because you are just going to cook them any way, but makes you wonder about drinking coke doesn't it? The ribs cook all day in the marinade/sauce made with coke, and whatever BBQ sauce you prefer. You ideally start them first thing in the morning when you wake up, so that they have all say long to simmer and cook thoroughly. At least 4 hours if you are strapped for time.

This burger also has some cheese, of course and another burger sauce. Ideally, you would get the best patties at your local butcher to use for this burger. They definitely aren't leaving anything out when it comes to this fully loaded burger. This would also be amazing with some caramelized onions on it, to add some more sweetness to the mix of amazing flavours. This would be a fun burger to try out this summer wouldn't it?! Would you like to try it for yourself? Head over to 'The Londoner' by following the link in the section below for more!

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