Baked Apple Donuts

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This recipe for Baked Apple Donuts is a great way to get your kids to eat their apples. It is a quick and easy recipe that you can make with the kids—give them the apple peel if you like, too, as you peel the apples for this recipe. That way, the kids get a snack to eat while you bake, and a lot of fiber, some thing that is important for their diets, and some thing that too many of us do not get enough of. This recipe starts with commercial crescent rolls to help things go smoothly, or you probably could also be make this yummy treat with any raw dough that you buy or make. Just be sure you can roll it out thin enough to cook evenly around the apple. The web site offers terrific photos to give you a sense of how this recipe comes together, and so what type of dough might work best here, if you do not want to use a commercial dough.

This recipe makes the apple donuts look pretty, too, and your kids will be the envy of their friends when they pack a few of these in their lunch boxes. It is also, almost certainly, an allowed sweet at school, but be sure to check. The number of allergies that kids carry is of concern, and so some things may be banned at your kids’ school. This dish is loaded with nutrients. Apples are sometimes a forgotten food in terms of nutrition, but few fruits beat apples for what they have to offer. Apples can help even out blood sugar levels, slow down sugar absorption and are a great fruit for people who are bordering on type 2 diabetes. As well, the skin of the apple (which you should always eat) is loaded with good fiber, some thing we could all use more of in our daily food plan. Finally, apples vie with every other fruit for their vitamin and mineral content. So eat your apples, and although fresh apples with the skin are the best way to eat an apple, cooked is not a bad alternative, and can encourage kids to think about fruit consumption, as they get older.

Try out this great recipe soon. You will soon find yourself making it as a regular, quick and easy snack that will keep the kids from buying out of the snack machine or in the cafeteria at school. What could be better than that? Improved nutrition and a few bucks back in your pocket. These are welcome results that come from doing your own baking. Nothing beats home made food for its great taste, cost, and better nutrition. And the kids could help make these snacks, too. So, enjoy these treats soon, and let the kids eat plenty of them. This recipe helps you pull together great snacking food.

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