Baked Asparagus Fries with Roasted Garlic Aioli

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Asparagus dishes are some of my favorites. I live in an area where 30 years ago asparagus grew all over the hillsides, and I would go picking basketfuls in the springtime. I would eat it raw, steam it, pickle it, and it was the sweetest loveliest asparagus ever! The wild asparagus patches are now all covered over with housing developments. At least I still have access to farm fresh asparagus as it is grown commercially about 30 miles from where I live. When I had a large property and garden, I attempted to grow my own patch but asparagus but although I was a good gardener, I didn't have that much success. I just never found the 'right spot' that the plant liked. You must be patient as well. You need to give the plants two years to really establish, then you can start to harvest some of it third year and by fourth year all should be good. You can get up to 20 years from a plant. I purchase my asparagus locally now and leave the growing to the experts!

When you realize the process and time for establishing asparagus it gives you a little more appreciation for why it is not the 'cheapest' of the veggies to buy.

This featured recipe uses asparagus, Panko, and Parmesan cheese to name a few of the main ingredients. It is a baked dish and produces 'asparagus fries' that are without a doubt going to cause some conversation! This innovative and exciting recipe uses roasted garlic. That alone makes your mouth water. If you have never served just roasted garlic heads, you are going to want to try that one day. Roasted garlic in olive oil with salt and pepper is great in dips as well or when stirred into mashed potatoes.

We will let you discover the recipe at the 'Just A Taste' website below so you can get busy and learn how to make those Baked Asparagus Fries!

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