Baked Cheesy Ranch Potatoes

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Baked Cheesy Ranch Potatoes are a quick, easy and affordable recipe that works from commercial ingredients to get dinner on the table in record time. Just blend the four ingredients that make up this dish, and you are practically done. This recipe uses small red potatoes that can sometimes be small enough that you do not even have to cut them up. More likely, though, you will have to at least cut them in two—but do not remove the skins. Besides being practically impossible to do on such small potatoes, the skin of potatoes provides lots of important fiber and nutrients. We often overlook the humble potato as an important source of good food, but potatoes actually contain a lot of vitamin C and more potassium than even bananas. With the skin left on, potatoes become a very nutritious food to include as part of your meal plan.

These potatoes are a great side for just about any meal, BBQ or to bring to any outing, picnic or other event that is pot luck in style. They serve up well next to beef, chicken, or fish, and would taste great with a salad. Because they also include cheese, there is plenty of calcium, protein and magnesium in this dish. You could even just eat these potatoes on a bed of mixed greens for lunch.

However you serve them up, potatoes are a great choice as part of a well balanced meal. Get your family to eat more of them with this quick and easy recipe. Why not try it out tonight? You may already have the ingredients at home, so go to the website now and see what you need to make them up. Enjoy!

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