Baked Chocolate and Banana Crispy Rolls

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These Baked Chocolate and Banana Crispy Rolls will hit the sweet spot when you want some snack that is neither too sweet nor too filling. This treat fits right in between. These crispy little rolls are a nice blend of good for you and yet still tastes good ingredients. If you want to make it a bit more indulgent, brush butter between the phyllo pastry sheets instead of the oil that is called for in the recipe. The rolls will still be light and crispy, but they will also be just a bit more decadent and delicious. (Of course, if you want really decadent, smother them in whipped cream or ice cream.)

Phyllo pastry is a Middle Eastern pastry that is dough rolled very thin. As a result of the thinness of the pastry, these rolls bake up wonderfully brown and crisp. They can be held in your hands to eat, if you are careful with the chocolate drizzle (of course, you could just take a bite and open up the roll and then pour the chocolate drizzle down the roll . . . just sayin’). Then again, who wants to be careful with chocolate drizzle?

At least the bananas are good for you in this yummy recipe. Bananas are loaded with plenty of nutrients including potassium and vitamin B6, among others. The recipe does call for olive oil, but an oil like sunflower, vegetable, or even walnut or almond oil will bring out a sweeter flavor for this snack. This is a great snack that makes up in minutes and can be served to the entire family on a night when dinner was light and people are feeling peckish. It is economical to make, quick and easy, and tastes great. You can make it

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