Baked Chocolate Cake Donuts

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What is it about donuts that always captures our attention? Try these baked chocolate cake donuts and see what you like best about this special treat. It bakes up a big, moist and delicious donut with a light glaze.There is something special about a dessert with a glaze, isn’t there? I know that, somewhere in my mind I make a distinction between muffins and cupcakes based on the glaze. Breads seem more delicious with a light glaze. What could be better than banana bread with a lime glaze? Or carrot cake muffins with a vanilla bean cream cheese frosting? Somehow it is that extra little bit on top that makes a dessert go from plain to special. At least that seems true for me.

What is the difference between a glaze and frosting? Frosting can be either made just by whipping together ingredients or cooked or partially cooked in a pan. For instance, traditional Red Velvet cake is made with a frosting that begins with a milk roux, a very unique way to make a frosting. Other frostings start with a sugar-water blend that is brought to a boil then slowly added in to whipped egg whites. Still other frostings begin with whipped butter, slowly adding icing sugar and other flavorings. A glaze is usually much simpler to make, and has fewer steps and ingredients. A glaze can be as simple as icing sugar dissolved with some warm water. Or you can make it more interesting by varying the liquid. Almost anything goes from milk, cream, juices, wines, liquors and anything else you might want to try and combine. Often, you can improve the results by slightly heating the liquid. The point is, glazes are a much simpler thing to make and are usually intended to just add a slight accent of flavor to a dessert whereas frostings are often entire taste experiences on their own even while complementing the dessert where they appear.

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