Baked French Toast Sticks

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French toast has a pleasant soft interior and crisp outside that makes them a favourite breakfast recipe with a drizzle of real maple syrup. Unfortunately, when serving a crowd, whole French toast can be challenging to get on the table hot, but with this baked French toast sticks recipe, you can serve multiple people efficiently and have the sticks at their best. Jaclyn, the author of the Cooking Classy recipe blog, came up with this breakfast dip to mimic ones she had tried in restaurants before. The bread is cut into stick portions, soaked in an egg mixture and placed on a large baking sheet to bake. All the French toast sticks will be ready at the same time, so you can have this French toast recipe whenever you have a lot of people at your home for breakfast, such as for Christmas day brunch or a special birthday breakfast. Alternatively, prepare these on the weekend for your family to enjoy alongside the usual eggs and crispy bacon.

The egg mixture in this oven French toast recipe is incredibly easy to mix together and uses just four ingredients that you may already have in your kitchen like milk and eggs. The ingredients are simply combined before dipping the bread into it and placing on the baking sheet. Some French toast recipes will recommend soaking the bread in the custard mixture which is particularly ideal if you are using a very dense or stale bread. In this case, the breadsticks are simply dipped in the egg mixture since fresh Texas toast is used and she doesn’t want the sticks to get soggy. You can substitute with whatever bread you like, but Texas toast is the best because it is thick cut giving these French toast sticks substance. Since these sticks won’t be fried in a skillet as other French toast does, Jaclyn needed to achieve a golden colour on them. The way to achieve this is by brushing with melted salted butter, which has a low smoke point and will, therefore brown on the bread. If you would like to achieve even more colour on this easy French toast, you can turn on the oven broiler, but keep a close eye as it can work quickly.

French toast is indicated as a French recipe, but it may have more complex and diverse origins. Supposedly French toast would have been served with savoury options, like roasted meat and game birds in Medieval Europe, and would have been prepared in countries like Germany, and not just France. The French pain perdu recipes are much closer to what we know as French toast, which uses stale bread and is given new life by soaking in a custard mixture. Through this dish’s history, it has continued to be a brunch favourite across the world and in North America too.

If you require an easy French toast recipe to get on the table for your family on a special occasion, remember this baked French toast sticks recipe with their crisp, golden exterior. The results will be something that everyone will rave about and be asking for repeatedly. Just be sure to have some real maple syrup on hand to drizzle over the French toast sticks, as pancake syrup tends to be loaded with unhealthy corn syrup and sugar. In the case of fresh maple syrup, a little goes a long way, so you will be able to use less as well. Thank you to Jaclyn, the author of the Cooking Classy recipe blog, for sharing her baked French toast sticks recipe with us.

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