Baked Garlic Scalloped Potatoes

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Try this Baked Garlic Scalloped Potatoes recipe, and enjoy the flavor of potatoes when they are both prepared as a scalloped potato, a fabulous way to prepare potatoes! That is the magic of potatoes. They can be prepared in so many ways including this baked garlic scalloped potatoes recipe that the site, Center Cut Cook, has created for you to try tonight with your family and any guests that might grace your table for dinner. This potato recipe is also a simple and quick one to prepare. The secret to this fabulous recipe is the ingredients. The scalloped potato recipe calls for cream, which is always an ingredient that contributes fabulous richness and a wonderful finish to just about any recipe where it is included. So be sure to use full fat cream, and not a low fat substitute. The flavor changes dramatically when you make this type of substitution, and not always for the better.

Potatoes are a great veggie to eat, whether you eat it alone or bake it with other ingredients, as this baked garlic scalloped potatoes recipe does. Garlic and potato are natural companions in terms of their flavor, too. Garlic is a deep and smooth flavor that fills your mouth when you taste it. Few people forget the flavor of garlic once they have tried it. Garlic can be used either by cooking it, or just by chopping it raw. When you cook garlic, the taste loses its sharpness, brought on by the amount of sulphides contained in the food, and becomes very smooth and meaty in flavor. It works perfectly when served or cooked with potatoes. Potatoes, of course, are one of the world’s most cultivated foods. Almost every culture uses potatoes in some recipe or another. And that is no surprise. Potatoes cook up wonderfully well with every manner of seasoning. And they can be prepared in so many ways. Potatoes are delicious whether they are baked, boiled, broiled or prepared in any other way. There is possibly no way that potatoes do not taste great. They are also delicious at any temperature, and can be served from steaming hot to chilled over night. They are also a surprising little veggie in terms of their great nutrition.

Potatoes have few calories, no sodium, low cholesterol, and yet are very filling to eat. They are loaded with potassium as well as vitamin C, among a host of other vitamins and minerals that are found in the veggie. Potatoes taste great with just about everything as well, whether you are serving roast beef, hamburgers, chicken, fish, or even a vegetarian dish made with tofu. Potatoes seem to be a completely natural complement with these dishes.

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