Baked General Tsos Chicken Wings

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When looking for a healthy baked chicken wings recipe you can put your motor in park and stop right here for Angie’s addition to your good home cooked meals file. They might be joining your file for the best chicken wings ever and with some of your own small changes here or there they have the chance to be your favorite chicken wing recipe. The best chicken wings ever are usually the ones that find you licking your fingers to the extent of almost biting down on them. Good home cooked meals are usually ones that are baked and not fried. If that is your barometer for healthier cooking then this is definitely a healthy baked chicken wings recipe you will love to cook again and again.

It’s hard to find people that don’t like chicken wings, unless you are a vegetarian, and especially ones like these that have a sticky gooey wonderful sauce on them. The beauty of baking them is in the ease of just putting them in the oven and giving a look see once in a while as opposed to frying them. Frying them is definitely not the healthiest way even if you use healthier oil. Baking is always a better alternative and they actually bake the sauce onto the wings better than just applying the sauce after frying as you usually are called for when giving them a hot oil bath.

The name General Tso’s Chicken represents a sweet slightly spicy, deep-fried chicken dish that is popularly served in most Chinese and Asian themed American restaurants. The American Chinese version is most commonly regarded to have been derived from Hunan cuisine. Hunan is a province in Western China. The dish is named after General Tso Tsung-tang, or Zou Zongtang, a Qing Dynasty (1644 –1912), general and statesman, although there is no recorded actual connection to him. The name used for the dish varies. At the United States Naval Academy, the dish is served in the main mess hall, King Hall, as "Admiral Tso's Chicken", reflecting a nautical theme and making it there dish. Outside North America, one notable establishment that serves General Tso's chicken is the Taiwanese restaurant Peng Chang-kuei, which is credited by some sources as the inventor of the dish. There is no agreed upon creator of it though. Differences between this "original" dish and ones commonly encountered in North America are that it is not sweet in flavor, the chicken is cooked with its skin, and soy sauce plays a much more prominent role. This is what always happens with recipes and is a good thing since adding and subtracting make the recipes individual to the cook. With Angie’s recipe we have the luxury of following her style or making it sweeter or more savory and this is left up to you the cook. Thanks to Angie of Big Bears Wife Blog for this yummy Baked General Tso’s Chicken Wings Recipe. We will leave it up to you the cooking general of your own kitchen. Bon Apetit.**

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