Baked Red-Potato Wedges

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If you are looking for potatoes recipes, then look no further. Enjoy this great Baked Red Potato Wedges recipe, and you may never bake or make potatoes any other way again. These potato wedges are about as easy as any recipe can get, so get the kids to make this potato recipe whenever you want some to accompany a meal. This potato wedges recipe does not have to be limited to the dinner table, either. You could easily serve this delicious potato recipe for breakfast, made up with a great mess of eggs, sausage and even flap jacks or pancakes, whichever your family prefers. You could eat this potato recipe for lunch, along with a great chipotle and mayonnaise dip, or just plain, with a side salad of fresh greens. This potato wedge recipe would even be great with a low fat version of a dip made with yogurt and dill. There are plenty of ways to enjoy this potato recipe and you could serve it any time, including as a late night snack to go along with a movie instead of popcorn perhaps. These potato wedges would also be delicious served as messy fries with all of the toppings on them like green onions, bacon bits, cheese and sour cream for a really epic snack time.

Potatoes are a great food. Potato nutrients have few calories, only about one hundred or so in every medium sized potato. They have zero fat and zero sodium, both of which are really great for our good health. And potato nutrients include some surprising things, potatoes are loaded with more phosphorous in them than bananas, or even than spinach. Who knew? As well, potatoes are loaded with great vitamins including one of the most important antioxidants, vitamin C. They also have plenty of antioxidants as well as anti-inflammatories. For people who are watching their weight, potatoes, with their low calorie and zero fat count, and when cooked and eaten without toppings or other fattening additives, can be a great choice. As well, when you make potatoes with the skin on which you should always try to do, you add loads of fiber, a component that is too often missing from the food plans of most of us each day. So for this potato recipe, cook the wedges without peeling the skin off the back. It will add great taste and texture and you may be surprised how well you enjoy potato wedges with the skins in place. Plus you get out of all of the hard labour of peeling each and every potato which can take a long time.

This is a quick and easy recipe that you can serve for almost any purpose from a great snack food in front of the television to a full side dish you serve at a roast beef dinner with friends and guests. You can choose how you want them, and where you want to serve them, because potatoes work with pretty much every meal, and almost any other dish that you could make. They are great with fish, chicken, beef, lamb and pork. Or enjoy them solo, and just a crispy side of fresh greens. Than you to the lovely ladies from the Six Sister's Stuff food blog for this awesome for baked red potatoes recipe. Try out this delicious potato recipe soon as well as some of the other great recipes on the sisters' website. They have plenty of awesome recipes to choose from including dinner recipes, breakfast recipes, appetizer recipes for gatherings, really yummy looking dessert recipes and so much more. Try out a couple of their recipes and see which ones you like the best.*

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