Baked Skinny Texas Cheese Fries

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So here is a Baked Skinny Texas Cheese Fries recipe that may have you enjoying potatoes in a way that you may have avoided for some time. The secret to making a great cheese fries recipe lies in getting the good stuff on the individual fries so that you get a bunch of flavor in every bite. When you can enjoy flavor in every bite, you will feel more satisfied with your food, and that can lead to eating less food at each meal. In addition, the particular cheese fries recipe bakes the potatoes rather than deep frying them. That means plenty of saved calories and a dish that is full of nutrition. More, this cheese fries recipe keeps the skin on the potato. That method of cooking brings loads of great nutrition to the recipe. For many years, we always peeled our potatoes and left the skin in the sink when we prepared potatoes for dinner. And even when we baked out potatoes, we only ate the inner flesh and left the skins for the compost bin. Today, though, we know much more about nutrition, and now understand that potatoes hold a lot of their goodness right in the very skins that we have been tossing in the garbage or out on top of the veggies to help them grow (and no wonder that they did grow; they had the best part of the potato to help them out!).

Potatoes are a humble little veggie that packs lots of goodness in them. They work for us whether we boil, bake or fry them. They are best for us when we leave the skin intact and just wash it carefully and remove any flaws from the skin. The skin holds loads of fiber, an important component to our daily food plan that we sorely neglect with our fast food habits (bad habits) and trimmed food ways of eating. But by not taking the skin from the potato we can add great nutrition back in to our family food plans. So this fries recipe is a great one for that reason, among others.

Potatoes take seasonings very well, as this baked skinny Texas cheese fries recipe attests. A light oil is spread over the chopped potatoes and then the seasonings are added to them. That ensures that the seasonings will get on each and every little part of the potato and add plenty of big flavor in every bite. That way, you will feel like you are getting loads of great taste in the food you eat (and so will the kids), and it is a smart way to season foods (like many of the veggies that you might serve). So enjoy this great and nutritious dish.

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