Baked Sliced Veggies au Gratin

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Try this great and easy Baked Sliced Veggies au Gratin recipe, and you will discover a brand new and delicious way to prepare veggies for your family for dinner tonight. Everyone will love this Baked Sliced Veggies au Gratin recipe since it blends yummy veggies with great cheese. This combination of veggies will also taste great together. And if you would like to see just how pretty the final outcome will be just go to the site, The Blond Cook, where the recipe is, and there are plenty of terrific photos that will illustrate the final product. This Baked Sliced Veggies au Gratin recipe is a combination of pretty red, yellow and green veggies along with cheese. It is a dish that everyone in the family will certainly like, and it will be a great way to get the kids to like and gobble up their veggies.

This Baked Sliced Veggies au Gratin recipe is also easy to pull together and takes little time to cook. So you can put the veggies together and then make the meat or other parts of the dinner recipe while they cook in the oven. One great veggie, the potato, is included along with the squash and zucchini. Potatoes are a great food. They are low in calories, having only a little more than one hundred calories in a moderately sized potato. They have no sodium worth speaking of and zero cholesterol. They also contain zero fat, so they are a great veggie when you are watching your waistline. Potatoes also work with all kinds of other veggies and are easy to prepare in any number of ways. Potatoes can be boiled, broiled, fried, mashed, baked, and prepared in plenty of ways beyond these examples. They also season well, and work wonderfully with cheese, as in this Baked Sliced Veggies au Gratin recipe, or almost any other seasoning. Almost every culture has some recipe or other that is made with potatoes and seasoned uniquely. There are Greek potatoes that are made with lemon and olive oil. There are Indian style potatoes cooked with yogurt and classic Indian seasonings and many other wonderful variations of this potato. So it also works well with the squash and zucchini in this recipe.

Enjoy this Baked Sliced Veggies au Gratin recipe tonight. It does not take long to prepare, and you could even enlist your older cooks who might know how to manage a knife to help chop up the various veggies that are part of this recipe. Then you can assemble it and bake it up, adding the cheese as the recipe recommends part way through the recipe. Try it, and watch the kids gobble it up.

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