Baked Sweet Hawaiian Chicken

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Mmmmm Pineapple, arguably one of the world’s sweetest and most delicious fruit. Fresh, juiced, cooked on a pizza, in a fruit salad, a tropical drink, grilled on a hamburger or as served in most tropical countries, roadside, whole or halved on a stick. However your preference, it is one of the most versatile fruits, and now you can enjoy it in this baked Hawaiian chicken recipe. Hawaii is famous for their pineapple production. The pineapple was first called “anana” meaning excellent fruit which seems entirely fitting and undeniable as there aren’t many people who don’t reach for the pineapple first on the fruit plate.

Pineapple and chicken are an excellent combination, especially in this baked chicken breast recipe. Adding fresh pineapple into a meat marinade adds great flavor and helps tenderize the meat. Another reason the two ingredients work so well together has to do with their nutritional properties. Pineapple naturally contains enzymes. In fact, the enzyme bromelain in pineapple is often extracted and used in enzyme supplements, and even in some protein powders to help users digest the protein. Since the enzymes in pineapple help you to digest protein, and chicken is full of protein, this is one easy chicken breast recipe where one ingredient really scratches the other ones back. While on the topic of nutrition, let’s talk about how we can make this already pretty healthy chicken recipe even healthier, and also help save you some time in the kitchen. Holly’s pineapple sauce calls for brown sugar and pineapple juice which the juice alone is full of sugar itself. Try taking the pineapple juice and reducing it on the stove until it becomes a thicker, more gooey texture. Add the additional ingredients minus the cornstarch and sugar obviously, the flavor of the juice should be sweet enough. At this point cook the chicken in the oven at 350 degrees for 15 minutes, remove chicken and smother in the pineapple sauce and cook for another 5. Having the sauce previously thickened will allow you to cut down on the cooking time and prevent any possibility of drying out the chicken in this baked chicken breast recipe.

Thank you to Holly at the Life in the Lofthouse recipe blog for sharing this Baked Sweet Hawaiian Chicken recipe with us. Holly's Hawaiian chicken recipe suggests serving it on a bed of rice. A sweet, light jasmine rice might be just the perfect combination, or how about turning this delicious chicken dish into a chicken casserole recipe. Using all of the same ingredients, chopping up some extra veggies, cooking the rice half way and then baking everything together in a casserole dish topped with a nice sharp cheddar to balance out the flavours. Once you have fallen in love with Holly’s baked Hawaiian chicken recipe, you may have a hankering for something else sweet. Why don’t you take a peek in the Life at the Lofthouse's drink section and treat yourself to her skinny chocolate Oreo milkshake recipe, it is sure not to disappoint. A sweet ending to an already sweet meal! **

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