Baked Taco Ranch Taquitos

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You are sure to love this healthier version of the classic taquito recipe. This Mexican recipe takes a cheesy chicken filled taco and bakes it rather than deep frying for a food idea you can feel a little less guilty about. Taquitos are the perfect food idea for any game day or holiday get together, and this cheesy stuffed taquitos recipe is just the thing to try. With a golden, crispy outside and a creamy filling, these baked taquitos are sure to be a favorite. You can enjoy these baked taquitos as a main dish food idea, or they are the perfect appetizer for when friends and family come over to visit. Kids especially love taquitos, and it’s always a good food idea when you are in a hurry. Typically taquitos are a Mexican recipe that is deep fried, so this baked version of the classic recipe is one you are sure to try again. The good news is that you can still keep that crispy outer shell that everyone loves. All it takes is to spray the rolled up taquitos with a little olive oil cooking spray just before you put them into the oven, and they will bake to perfection.

The nice thing about this healthier version of taquitos is that you can control exactly how much oil you put on them, instead of having to dip the tortillas in grease. And you can use a healthy extra virgin olive oil spray to spray onto the taquitos before you bake them. You can either purchase an olive oil spray or if you have a spray bottle simply use some olive oil that you already have. As you can see from the photos, this taquitos food idea is served with a homemade Cilantro Avocado Ranch that is poured nicely overtop the finished taquitos. You can also choose to have small bowls filled with the homemade Cilantro Avocado Ranch, and the kids and adults can dip their taquitos in it. You may just choose to enjoy the taquitos without any sauce as they are also good on their own, it's up to you what you choose to do. This baked taco ranch taquitos food idea is amazing, and it takes just 15 minutes to prepare and 20 minutes to bake. You can enjoy this easy to make food idea any day of the week, and they are also a good addition to holiday meals. For this taquitos food idea, it will take a total time of 35 minutes and this recipe idea will serve about 16 people. For the taquitos food idea, you will need chopped cook chicken such as a rotisserie chicken, cream cheese, salsa, dry ranch seasoning, taco seasoning, shredded cheddar cheese, flour tortillas and some olive oil in a spray pump.

A taquito, literally means in Spanish a small taco, tacos dorados, or rolled taco. Taquitos are a Mexican recipe that consists of a small rolled-up tortilla that is filled with ingredients such as beef, chicken and/cheese. The filled rolled up tortilla is then deep fried until crisp. This food idea is often topped with condiments to include sour cream and guacamole. Corn tortillas are often used to make taquitos; the food idea is more commonly known as flautas when they are larger than their smaller taquito counterparts and can be made with either flour or corn tortillas although using corn tortillas is more traditional.

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