Bakery Style Coconut Macaroons

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So here are some Bakery Style Coconut Macaroons to tantalize you and your family when they sit, fresh baked, on your kitchen counter tonight. The very fun thing about cookies like coconut macaroons is just how much you can dress them up to make them chock full of yummy things or leave them plain and enjoy the sweet flavor of coconut on its own. Either way you serve them up, believe that they will be gobbled up in short order. Enjoy some today!

Coconut is an entirely unique fruit, technically, a drupe. The tree has its own genus; there is no other tree like this one. The drupe has more uses than you can keep track of! You can use the shell to make dishes, the flesh can be dried and chopped or shredded, and the juice and parts of the flesh can be made into everything from coconut water to thick and rich coconut cream. Even the hair on the outside of the coconut can be used to make rope. And coconut oil is one of the few oils that naturally sits as a solid, rather than a liquid. Put a tiny bit into your palm, though, and it immediately melts in to your hand. It is a beautiful cream for your hands and feet, too!

These macaroons use the coconut to create a rich cookie. There are plenty of options once the cookie is made including dipping them in white or dark chocolate. Of course, this makes the cookies look like they have pretty little hats on their tops. This means little ones will lift or bite the tops off, either saving them for last or popping them happily in to their mouths first for penultimate enjoyment. You and your family will enjoy them!

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