Baklava Cheesecake

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This Baklava Cheesecake recipe will delight all the people in your family that you make it for; in fact, they will line up for seconds because it is such a unique and delicious variety of this traditional and popular cake. This cheesecake recipe is easy to make, even if it is a somewhat unique type of cheesecake. And the crust that really makes this cheesecake recipe unique is also easy to put together. The recipe comes together in three separate parts, so if you think about the cheesecake recipe in that way, then it will seem like less work to make this cake.

Cheesecake is an ancient form of cake that is found in almost every culture. In ancient Greece, a cheese cake, also often known as a honey cake, was awarded to the Olympic athletes who won the various competitions that were held during those ancient games. So this cake is a very, very old one, although the way we make it today is quite different from how it was made then. And this particular recipe combines two ancient desserts, the cheesecake and baklava, another famous Greek cake. Together, you have a wonderful combination of creamy and smooth filling with a slightly nutty and crunchy top.

The base for the cheesecake is formed using the phyllo pastry that is found in the baklava. That in itself is an unusual twist to this recipe. Then the cheesecake filling is made using honey and cinnamon, again, to pick up on the deep and rich honey flavor that makes baklava such a fabulous dessert. The topping is the third part of this cheesecake recipe and it also picks up on the baklava dessert. The topping is a combination of walnuts, the classic nut found in baklava, cinnamon and honey, with other ingredients. So this cheesecake will have a great flavor of cinnamon, honey and nuts, which is reminiscent of baklava and which makes it a favorite and most outstanding dessert.

One of the big differences between these desserts is the cheese. In the cheesecake there is cream cheese, which adds a dramatic flavor twist to a dessert. Baklava is a traditional and old style of dessert that can be found in many cultures. Early desserts (really, ancient) began with combinations of dried fruits, nuts and honey, because sugar was not even available until only several hundred years ago, at least, not available for widespread use. In any event, this dessert combines two very old desserts to create a new twist on two old and popular sweet treats. Together, they make a great, sweet and pretty new creation that you can make for your family. Remember that a cheesecake can taste even better the next day.

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