Banana Bread Cake & Brown Butter Frosting

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Banana Bread Cake & Brown Butter Frosting is a traditional way of serving banana cake. The brown butter frosting is a wonderful and rather old-fashioned topping that tastes great against the banana flavor. Brown butter, or beurre noisette, comes from the French (of course). It is a fabulous way to increase and intensify the flavor of butter in any recipe. For example, in marshmallow rice krispies (where you should only use butter!) using beurre noisette infuses the entire dish with a sweet buttery-ness that improves the flavor of that treat immeasurably. Here, the beurre noisette is used in the frosting and infuses that flavor throughout the cake. It is really fantastic, as you will see when you make this dish.

The recipe uses plenty of bananas, which means a rich and moist cake and lots of flavor. Walnuts, a perfect complement to the bananas, are also part of this recipe. For a slightly richer, more buttery flavor, you can toast the walnuts before you use them. Just pop them on a baking sheet and put them in a 350F oven for about six minutes—watching the entire time because they will burn in a second—or until the scent of walnuts fills the air. They should be quite brown when they come out of the oven. Let them cool, and use according to the recipe. Make extra. You may find that you prefer to use toasted walnuts rather than plain. Toasting removes the bitterness that walnuts inherently have as part of their flavor.

Any way you make it, this lovely cake and frosting will be a smash hit with everyone in the family. Make it when friends come over, and really impress. It is not expensive to make or hard to do, but the results taste like a million bucks.

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