Banana Cake with Nutella Frosting

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This Banana Cake with Nutella Frosting recipe is a delicious blend of the flavors of banana, chocolate, and hazelnut. If you have not had Nutella before, this is a great opportunity to try a new taste and one that will captivate you for a long time. The first time I had the good luck to try Nutella, it was on a piece of toast with a friend from Europe. She had always eaten toast with some kind of chocolate sprinkle on it for breakfast, and I had always thought that very strange, given my Irish roots and proclivity towards porridge in the morning for breakfast. Nonetheless, I gave the odd chocolate and nut blend a try, and I was hooked. You will be, too, when you try this Nutella recipe as the frosting.

This cake recipe starts off right, using unsalted butter and plenty of bananas, a whopping three of them in a relatively average sized cake. So there will be big banana taste throughout, and the cake should be plenty moist. Be sure to use very ripe bananas, ones that are quite blackened, and very soft. Do not pour off the juice if they have blackened to that degree; instead be sure to blend the bananas really well to incorporate the liquid. For a banana cake recipe with wonderful flavor, consider using real vanilla rather than the vanilla extract suggested here. Real vanilla makes a huge difference. It can be difficult to find, and you may have to buy it at a farmer’s market. Real vanilla is extremely expensive, but more than worth the price you will pay for it. It is made using some kind of alcohol such as vodka. Starting with about 750 ml of vodka, add about one dozen whole vanilla beans that have been split lengthwise, but the flesh not removed. You let this sit in the back of the cupboard for about one-half of one year. Your vanilla extract is now ready to use.

In any event, once the baked this cake recipe makes the cake as a round, two layer cake, you can make the frosting. The website’s photo is not that flattering concerning the color contrast between the cake and the icing, but do not let that stop you. This banana cake with Nutella frosting recipe is a fabulous combination. The one alteration you might consider is, rather than putting the frosting as the joining layer between the two cake layers, spread pure Nutella. Yum. In any event, this Nutella frosting will be good enough to eat right from the bowl, so try and resist so there will be plenty of it to spread on the cake. Then enjoy a big slice with tea.

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