Banana Cake

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This Banana Cake with Nutella Frosting is likely to make you perk up and take an interest. Banana cakes, muffins and breads rate pretty high up on the scale of popular to bake items. Before we share this beautiful featured recipe with you, lets talk a little bit about the banana.

Why is baking with bananas popular? Well, it could be for a number of reasons. Maybe because bananas get over-ripe quickly, and you don't want to waste them. That is a valid reason. Maybe it is because bananas are good for you.

Bananas are one of the first real foods many people feed their babies. Worldwide bananas are one of the most consumed fruits.

What nutritional value will you find? A single banana offers you a naturally fat, cholesterol and sodium free food. One medium size banana has about 110 calories and 30 grams of carbohydrate with just 1 gram of protein. Bananas can aid in lowering blood pressure, improve your heart health and aid in risks of asthma and cancer. Not only that they come in their own packaging! They are super convenient to pack for lunches, plus most people like a banana. The thing that varies the most in the like factor is the ripeness. Personally I don't care for really ripe bananas but love them when they are just past the green stage and have that perfect firm yellow skin. As soon as they get the little brown spots they are too sweet for my pallet! Perhaps many are like me and then you have to do something with the banana. You are not going to throw it out. Freezing bananas is a good way to keep this fruit until you are ready to bake with it or use in a smoothie. Just peel, cut into chunks and put into sealed containers.

To get the recipe for this stunning moist banana cake, please visit the 'Shugary Sweets' website below.

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